Monik felt like she was stabbed in the heart and she turned around with her flashlight to the voice, that scolded the scary dog. "What did you do to him?!" he shouted suddenly at Monik and he quickly approached the girl, almost bumping into her. Monik stared at the man with shock. He had big round cheeks and semi-long brown hair that fell into his small eyes. After a moment, his mad eyes narrowed even more, he straightened up and he split his hair in half on his forehead, so he can see better. "We will see, what kind of creature are you," he said quietly and he torched Monik’s forehead with his index finger. Through the girl’s body a weird energy passed and the man was flicked as if by electricity. The man immediately pulled his hand away and he confusedly looked at the girl. He was examining her with his strict mad look, until his gaze rested on her left hand. He leaned to her and he immediately pulled up her hand, with the bracelet from Tomen, to his small eyes. &…

DRAGON PEARL - Labyrinth

"Ren! Ren! Don't go there! It's dangerous!" echoed Elion´s voice behind them, but Ren ignored him. His determined face, in the weak light of the torches, evoked respect in Monik. He didn't want to be discouraged from his plan, even though he knew, their way through the labyrinth will not be easy.
He pulled Monik to the end of the corridor, where he stopped at the bars. He let go of her wrist, took the nearest torch from the wall and opened the squeaky door, that revealed a spiral staircase leading to the underground. Monik swallowed hard, but she followed Ren, who unhesitatingly went down.
Monik was lightly touching the wall with her hand and carefully stepping on the stone stairs following Ren´s light. After some time, she stopped for a moment, she looked up from the stairs, so her head can stop spinning, but then she quickly continued, so she will not lose sight of Ren. When the stairs finally ended, Monik was quite relieved and she rubbed her eyes. She felt that…

DRAGON PEARL - Beast of shadows

Monik with fear in her eyes stared at the Houren, who was entertained by his victim’s painful cry. She looked at the nearby bush, where the dead girl’s legs stuck out. She recalled the moment, when the spear flew through her small body... Monik’s knees shaked and she felt how the Green dragon’s power began to boil in her veins. Why did he kill her? Why didn’t he give me a chance to save her?! Why do I have this power then?! "Why?" whispered Monik for herself and Ren looked at her with the corner of his eye. The Green dragon’s power swirled around her and it was visible even to the naked eye. He was therefore not the only one, who looked at her... also the Houren by the gate saw her energy and swallowed, because he realized, what it was. "Monik? What are you doing?" asked her gently Ren and the force around her faded. The silence that occurred was horrifying, nobody dared to even breathe.
Then Monik looked up and the earth shook. All men on the stronghold quickly gra…

DRAGON PEARL - Monster behind the gate

"There are refugees by the gate from a nearby tribe, we wanted to let them in," whispered Malen to Ren who then, down in the dark, noticed a little girl and a wounded man, who she was helping to stand. "It's a trap," said Ren seriously. ------
Monik collected her strength and ran up to the stronghold. She stopped near Ren and she looked down. Her heart was racing because she ran, but now, when she saw the forest, it almost jumped out of her chest. With the power of the Green dragon in her eyes she saw not only the beautiful yellow energy stream of the trees, but also a dark force, which filled the forest. It was like staring at a nightmare. The darkness was taking the shape of the animal spirits, whose bones the Hourens used for their armor. Monik felt, like through the bones is still flowing some life, but at the same time, she seen how the Hourens are sucking out of this energy… they were still killing their prey. "What do you see?" asked Malen cautiou…

DRAGON PEARL - Festivity

Ren looked reproachfully at Malen. He knew, that the possible attack of the Hourens tormented him more, than he let others known. Another fake smile appeared on the old man’s face, ignoring Ren’s strict expression and he commanded them, to go and prepare for the evening celebration. Ren reluctantly obeyed and went down with Monik of the stronghold.
He led her through the center of the village, for about a kilometer, to a large building, that stood out above the surrounding houses. They walked without a word, side by side, on a wide beaten path. Monik was timidly looking at the villagers, who were also looking at the strange girl. Men were wearing either a tunic or a shirt. To Monik they looked mostly rough and very manly, and if they wouldn’t sometimes nodd with their heads in Ren’s greeting, she would actually fear them. Women on the contrary seemed to be very delicate and fragile. Most of them were dressed in a long dress, while the younger had a sort of corset around their waist and…